Hard at work in Cambodia

by Hilary Whitesides

When over 60 Vivint volunteers traveled to Cambodia recently, they didn' t know exactly what to expect, but they knew they wanted to work hard.

"I was super pleased to see our teams put to work' seriously hard work," said volunteer Neal Rogers.

Vivint volunteers partnered with Globe Aware, a non-profit organization that organizes short-term international service projects that encourage cultural awareness as well as giving back. Volunteers were able to enjoy the environment, associate with people native to the area, and provide incredibly important services to people in need.

On day one of the service trip, volunteers delivered water filters to families in a floating city that were in serious need of water filtration. But that was just the beginning. The volunteers then painted a community center, taught English classes at local schools, and built wheel chairs for landmine survivors. Perhaps most impressive of all, however, were the latrines volunteers dug to ensure clean sanitation and the new buildings they built for a local orphanage.

"I have never been a part of something that brought so many people together to do that much good in a short amount of time," Rogers said. "I think our teams got as much out of the experience as the Cambodians we helped did."

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Spring break trips with a difference

cusco casa del corazone thumbGeorgina Cruz, special correspondent with the Orlando Sentinel, looked at volunteer vacations and the upside of a “voluntourism” vacation in a February 13, 2014 article:

Spring into service with a “voluntourism” vacation. You can mix with the locals, living and working in communities on a variety of projects and activities, from teaching English to caring for youngsters in orphanages, taking part in community improvement projects or conservation efforts.

Trips are generally short-term: one-, two- and three-weeks in length, though some companies can arrange for longer service periods. Typically, no prior experience is necessary to participate.

Cruz spotlighted Globe Aware’s program to the Inca city of Cuzco in Peru:

Globe Aware Adventures In Service: This non-profit has been developing short-term volunteer programs internationally for 15 years. Trips are intended to promote cultural awareness and/or sustainability. The organization’s criteria for choosing projects include trips that are safe, culturally interesting, genuinely beneficial to a needy community, and that involve significant interaction between participants and the host community. Optional cultural excursions are available on every program. Among the organization’s service trips this season are programs to the Inca city of Cuzco in Peru, near the legendary Lost City of Machu Picchu. Visit globeaware.org.


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Globe Aware in Guatemala

Globe Aware in Guatemala.
The project Ix-is based in El Remate, Peten, Guatemala, a small lakeside community, located midway between the International Airport in Flores and the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal (30 km.)
Project began in August 1995 in a small lakeside building loaned by a local resident. In late 1996, Eduardo Cofiño purchased over 2 manzanas of land for ongoing development.
In 1999, the funding for the present clinic building was donated by the Rice Millers Association of Guatemala, and the Grand Opening was held in February, 2000.
In February of 2004, a new building to house the Library & Computer Center was funded by Friends from Calgary, Alberta.
In January of 2005, a group of village women, under the direction of Global Coalition for Peace, began learning techniques of Square Foot Gardening and composting, to improve general nutrition and to prepare to teach gardening in other villages.
In 2007, Friends of Ix-canaan and the Wild Rose Foundation, under the coordination of the Ayudamos Foundation, funded the new Ix-canaan Women' s Center.
In November of 2007, AGAT Labs of Calgary, Alberta funded a laboratory in the middle section of the Clinic Building where many basic tests can now be done to diagnose patients.Offering programs of Health, Education and Opportunity, to enable the people of the jungles to become truly “IX-CANAAN … the Guardians of the Rainforest”
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