About Volunteer Vacations Blog

Welcome to GlobeAware’s Volunteer vacations Blog. GlobeAware is a Dallas, Texas-based non-profit 501 (c) (3) which develops short-term volunteer programs in international environments that encourage people to immerse themselves in a unique way of giving back.

Globe Aware has been featured and profiled in numerous news outlets, among them: CNN, The New York Times, Business Week, NBC Today Show, NPR (National Public Radio), Newsweek, Budget Travel, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Toronto Globe and Mail, and many others. Globe Aware has also been the subject of several major documentaries, among them a nine part series titled Journeys of the Heart shot in high definition chronicling a group’s developments in our Care for Cusco program. This series, produced by Concrete Productions, runs on the Dish Network’s Equator Channel. Another documentary on GlobeAware was produced by Asterisk Productions called Vacations from the Heart, which aired several times coast to coast in Canada on the Global Network and in the UK.

Every activity in which we engage is intended to accomplish one of two things: promote cultural awareness and/or promote sustainability. For us the concept of cultural awareness means to recognize and appreciate the real beauties and challenges of a culture, but not to change it. The concept of sustainability is to help others stand on their own two feet and to teach skills rather than reliance.

To keep our many supporters, advocates and partners abreast of the events and activities and volunteer vacation and voluntourism news, we are proud to offer this aptly titled resource: Volunteer Vacations Blog.

Volunteers help to empower the host communities in creating renewable, sustainable programs. While GlobeAware’s financial assistance benefits the community economically, it is actually the involvement and collaboration between the volunteers and community that is the greatest mutual benefit. GlobeAware is not a foundation that focuses on giving out charity, but rather an organization, which focuses on creating self-reliance.

This Volunteer Vacations Blog will serve as a hub of sorts, allowing these many volunteers to communicate, update and offer insight on their many travels and remarkable adventures within the many host communities served by Volunteer Vacation facilitators like GlobeAware.

Please visit often. With regular news and updates, Volunteer Vacations Blog is the primary information resource for volunteer travel, volunteer vacation and travel that promises personal fulfillment and enlightenment.