11 Family Summer Vacation Ideas For Every Type of Family

Summer is here and that means family vacation!

Many families prefer resorts and all-inclusive experiences, while others prefer a good hiking and camping trip.

While there are dozens of family summer vacation ideas, we want you and your family to find the right trip for you! Check out these 11 Family Summer Vacation Ideas For Every Type of Family to inspire your next family adventure:

For the Outdoorsy Family

Does your family love to be outdoors? The opportunities for your family are endless.

How about spending a few days in a fancy tree house? Out n' About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon is a family run business, sure to suit your every need. Not only will you be staying in the trees, but there are plenty of activities too! Ziplining, hiking, river rafting, and horseback riding!

For the All Inclusive-Loving Family

There are times when we all need to be pampered and spoiled on vacation. All-inclusive vacations are available in so many destinations. I think the best bang for your buck is probably an all-inclusive resort on an island.

Beaches all-inclusive family vacations offer all-inclusive vacations in the Caribbean. There are unlimited land and water sports, as well as several dining choices.

You can search between all-inclusive vacations for preschoolers and toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and parents. There' s a Kids Scuba Program that is new and fun for the little ones, but it' s available for adults too.

Or how about a cruise? All cruises offer packages to pay for alcohol before you get on the ship " so it is essentially all-inclusive! The only thing that wouldn' t be included would be anything you spend at the port.

But cruises are fun for families " shows, comedy, food, pool. Some cruise ships are even designed for families too. Check out Carnival Cruise Line' s onboard activities on the Vista or Dream ships.

For the Philanthropic Family

There are many ways you can volunteer your time as a family. This could mean working in your own community or traveling somewhere new for a philanthropic vacation. You could be painting houses or reading books to children. ?

Check out GlobeAware if you' re looking to give back or contribute to a community in a new and meaningful way. These trips and tours travel across the globe from helping save the elephants in Thailand to working with the Rainforest villages in Costa Rica.

With plenty of destinations to choose from and different kinds of tasks at hand, you can choose the best one for you and your family.

For the History-Loving Family

Ever wondered the backstory to some of your favorite paintings or monuments? The tour guides at Museum Hack can tell you those details and more. ??

If you and your family are history buffs, check out this unique museum experience. Museum Hack promises you' ll have an active, fun, and engaging session. Tours walk through famous U.S. museums in different cities and tell you more about what you' re looking at.

Museum Hack offers both public and private tours as well as customizable tours for each group.

For the Creative Family

No matter the ages of your family members, being creative can be something you all share. Going on a creative family vacation can be fun, educational, and allow all of you to express yourselves. Art and creativity are endless, so there are plenty of options for the creative family.

One option can be a photography tour. Maybe one of these Photo Safaris is exactly what you' re looking for. There are trips that go to the Galapagos Islands, Iceland, and many other destinations.

Other creative family vacation ideas would be taking museum tours, following artists pieces of work around a country, or maybe checking out special film or TV studios.

For the Active Family

Activity is everywhere! No matter which destination you choose, there' s always a way and an avenue to be active! Beach getaways often have water sports like wakeboarding, paddle boarding, and surfing.

Looking for the whole family to stay active? Plan a hiking trip. This could be at a local destination like the 10 best hikes in your state or country. Or maybe you want to hike the Rocky Mountains with your family. These are great options!

If you want something more structured, there are organized hikes in almost any country. Smithsonian Journeys hosts "Hiking the Emerald Isle". 11 days on the west coast of Ireland! Daily hikes are 3 to 7 miles.

For the New Family

Traveling as a new family might be challenging at first, but it can still be an incredible time. Traveling to Disney World (Florida) or Disney Land (California) is always an option because the company and parks are so accommodating to new families. (Toy Story Land in Disney World opens June 30th!)

Disney Parks always have lots of shade and places for you to keep the little one out of the sun, but also get back outside with ease. Disney also provides a guide to traveling with a preschooler and which attractions are the best for them!

Within all four parks, Baby Care Centers are available to you. These are spaces for you to feed, change, and nurse your children. If you have questions about this, there' s a Disney Parks Moms Panel you can access here.

There' s an endless amount of options for family vacations! Sometimes you just need a little help deciding what suits your family best. So what' ll it be? Are you looking at a more creative vacation or a philanthropic one? Let us know in the comments below!


Globe Aware Trip to Cambodia: The Impact of Volunteering for a Family

A family' s week-long volunteer vacation in Cambodia harvested a new global perspective for their four children, ages 10-17.

For their volunteer project the Vlaisimsky family spent time building a well for the community, assembling and distributing wheel chairs to landmine victims, and teaching English at a local non-governmental organization providing schooling for disadvantaged children in Siam Reap. It was during their time at the school that the family became intimately acquainted with the richness and reality of the Cambodian culture.

Cambodia Going for a rideWalking away from the trip, the children all realized that there is something fulfilling in the lives of the Cambodians that the American culture may not have tapped into yet. Even more notably, the children were impacted by the appreciation for education they saw from the Cambodian children.

Assuredly, any parent would be proud to hear their child respond to a volunteer experience with the openness, positivity, and initiative that this family' s children have demonstrated. But the development of characteristics like cultural awareness and generosity can only be attributed to the children' s first-hand observation of authentic parents who demonstrate compassion for humankind and a desire to contribute to other cultures.

If you are interested in a volunteer vacation please visit https://globeaware.org

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