Ship Your Clothes to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees

TikTok folks are debating on whether it’s a smart idea to mail your luggage. Do any of our Globe Aware volunteers do this when flying domestically…or have you even done this for international trips?

TikTokers Are Shipping Their Clothes to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees

Anything to avoid the checked bag fees.

By Opheli Garcia Lawler
February 2, 2023

If you’ve ever flown budget airlines, you know that the true price for a cheap flight doesn’t come out of your bank account. It comes with the need to pack a teeny tiny carry-on bag, or risk incurring additional fees that turns a cheap flight to a not-so-cheap flight. Checked bag fees can sometimes cost more than the ticket itself.

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6 Sunny Destinations Trending On Social Media Right Now

With winter still upon us, winter sun getaways are trending on TikTok. Here are 6 places for maximum sunshine, and with Costa Rica on the list our Globe Aware volunteers have three different programs to choose from!

6 Sunny Destinations Trending On TikTok Right Now

Travel Off Path
February 18, 2023

If you are somewhere deep in the middle of winters cold grasp right now, it should be no surprise that one of the biggest social media searches at the moment is winter getaways. The hashtag winter sun has over 26 million views on TikTok right now, and there’s no better time to sit and dream about these sunny destinations.

Each location is known for its long sunny days in March and April, and most of them offer high temperatures as well. If you are looking for some inspiration to get away and escape the winter blues, any of these sunny destinations should help to give you some ideas.

Here are 6 Sunny Destinations Trending On TikTok Right Now

Tenerife, Canary Islands

  • Average daily temperature: March 66° / April 68°
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in March: 8 Hours
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in April: 8 Hours
  • TikTok Views for #Tenerife: over 1.4 billion views

Most people in the UK and Europe know that the Canary Islands are the warmest you can get in March and April without leaving Europe. Despite being so far south, the Canaries are a territory of Spain, making them still a part of the European Union. Laying off the coast of Western Africa, Tenerife is a clear favorite for many reasons.

It’s been called The Island Of Eternal Spring, and a visit to this diverse land in the months of March or April will bring enjoyable weather without the summer crowds and roasting temperatures.

While the south of the island is much more touristy and arid, don’t miss out on the lush and mountainous north as well. A visit to Tenerife is not complete without a trip up the mountains to the village of Masca, where you can taste the famous coffee drink, barraquito, and watch the sunset into the Ocean.


  • Average daily temperature: March 81° / April 88°
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in March: 9 Hours
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in April: 10 Hours
  • TikTok Views for #Curaçao: over 6.7 million views

This Caribbean island is known for having some of the best weather in the spring, when it’s warming up but not too hot. March is the driest month of the year, and April is the best, as it’s nice and warm but not too hot yet. March is also a quieter time for the island, as spring breakers don’t venture to Curaçao as much as the other Caribbean islands, and many locals are recovering from the carnivals.

There is no shortage of ways to spend your time on this island paradise. While its ABC island neighbors of Bonaire and Aruba are also good choices, Curaçao seems to be a favorite among those looking for a winter sun getaway.


  • Average daily temperature: March 57°/ April 60°
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in March: 7 Hours
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in April: 8 Hours
  • TikTok Views for #Malta: over 2.4 billion views

If it’s history and culture you are looking for, Malta might be a good choice for you. This destination enjoys much cooler weather than the others on this list, yet the average hours of sunshine leave for long days exploring in the mild and breezy climate.

You would not want to hike around Malta’s Gozo island in the summer or explore the dusty and windy streets of Mdina or Rabat. It’s still a bit too cold to swim for most tourists in March and April in Malta, but you will see many locals enjoying a dip.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

  • Average daily temperate: March 78° / April 80°
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in March: 9 Hours
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in April: 10 Hours
  • TikTok Views for #PuntaCana: over 1.6 billon views

It’s no surprise that the Dominican Republic has made the list of trending sunny destinations, as its place as a favorite for spring travelers has all but been written in stone. While there are many other choices on the island for sun and sea in spring, it is Punta Cana that travelers seek out the most.

With an average temperate of 80° in April, it’s no wonder so many Americans visit to escape the never-ending winter that grips most of the northern half of the U.S. Punta Cana is also relatively painless and cheap to reach, with a variety of carriers servicing this route form all over the US.

Cancun, Mexico

  • Average daily temperate: March 77° / April 79°
  • Average hours of Sunshine a day in March: 10 Hours
  • Average hours of Sunshine a day in April: 10 Hours
  • TikTok Views for #Cancun: over 7.6 billion views

Although recent news coming out of Cancun and neighboring towns in the Yucatan have been less than favorable for travel, it still remains a long-standing favorite for travelers looking for a beach escape. Through travel warnings, sargassum, and taxi drama, Cancun seems to enjoy large crowds and overall traveler satisfaction. It’s hot and sunny in Cancun in the spring, and it’s easily the cheapest on the list to reach from most places in the U.S.

Costa Rica

  • Average daily temperate: March 80° / April 86°
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in March: 7 Hours
  • Average hours of sunshine a day in April: 9 Hours
  • TikTok Views for #CostaRica: over 12.7 billion views

Costa Rica is having a bit of a moment with US tourists, and the Central American country is drawing crowds nearly year-round. This tropical hotspot has also won the title of Central America’s best tourist destination. Spring, however, is an ideal time to visit, as the dry season is just coming to a close, and the green season is starting to make its appearance.

It’s important to note that Costa Rica is a country with many different climates, from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean and the Central Mountain area in between. March and April will bring different weather to each of these regions, so staying on top of the latest forecasts is crucial to ensure a good holiday.

US pledges $85m for Turkey-Syria earthquake relief

Some good news to start the week for our Globe Aware volunteers, the US is sending funds for shelters, cold weather supplies, food, water, and healthcare. The moves come as countries worldwide send search crews and aid to the Turkey-Syria region.

US pledges $85m for Turkey-Syria earthquake relief

February 10, 2023
By Max Matza

The top humanitarian aid agency in the US government has pledged $85m (£70m) in urgent life-saving relief for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) funding will go towards shelter, cold weather supplies, food, water and healthcare.

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An Update on Travel in Peru

The country of Peru provided an update on its current status for travelers as civil unrest continues throughout the country. Globe Aware monitors the ongoing situation and keeps in contact with our Peru team. Read to find out more about the current situation.

An Update on Travel in Peru

FEBRUARY 09, 2023

The country of Peru provided an update on its current status for travelers as civil unrest continues throughout the country, which is classified by the U.S. State Department as a Level 3 risk, encouraging travelers to reconsider their travel plans to the country.

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Preparing for your Thailand Hill Tribe travels

(First: Apologies that this audio isn’t as good as normal: we were testing new microphones!) What is proper etiquette around monks? What is appropriate clothing when visiting temples and otherwise? Why are the needs so great in northern Thailand near Myanmar? Is it safe? What do I pack? Is the water safe to drink? What can I do with my free time? How much money should I bring? Is it safe? Tell me about the wifi and power situation. What is the controversy about regarding elephants in Thailand? Join us for all this and more in preparing for either your Globe Aware trip near Chiang Dao or for your own Northern Thailand travels.

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Ticketless baby abandoned at Israeli airport check-in

Talk about misbehaving tourists! Have our Globe Aware volunteers ever witnessed something crazy at an airport or while traveling?

Couple leave ticketless baby at Israeli airport check-in

Lianne Kolirin
February 2, 2023

(CNN) — A couple abandoned their baby at an airport check-in desk in Tel Aviv, Israel after arriving without a ticket for the child.

The pair, who have not been identified, were checking in for a Ryanair flight from Ben Gurion International Airport to Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday with the infant.

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Jetlag and how to get over it

The joys of international travel often come with a side of jetlag, which can make it hard to initially enjoy your Globe Aware volunteer vacation. Here are tips to help our volunteers deal with jetlag.

Jetlag hits differently depending on your travel direction. Here are 6 tips to get over it

By Sally Ferguson
January 30, 2023

After a few difficult years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are finally winging their way across the globe again; families are being reunited and sights are being seen.

Yet the joys of international travel often come with a side of jetlag, which can make it hard to initially enjoy a holiday, and to settle in once you return home.

Why do people experience jetlag? And is there anything you can do to lessen its effects?

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Tips to make traveling easier & worry-free

Crowds, delays, staffing challenges, and weather can all throw a wrench for our Globe Aware volunteers’ long-planned dream volunteer vacation. That said, here are a few tips for smart travel that may be more important than ever.

Top tips to make traveling easier & worry-free

January 22, 2023

Lately, travel hasn’t been easy.

Crowds, delays, staffing challenges, weather; it can all throw a wrench into your long-planned dream trip – or even a quick trip you’ve taken many times before.

That said, there are tips for smart travel that may be more important than ever; ways to ensure that – should things go sideways – you’ll come through with your sanity, property and hopefully the serenity you’re looking for from a getaway.

Here are my “Must Do” Travel Tips for the current travel climate.

Protect your luggage

It’s easy to declare “never check luggage and you’ll always know where it is!” but life is not that simple. Some trips require more than you can pack into a carry on; sometimes even when you carry on, you end up being forced to check your bag.

Best bet? While many airline apps do a good job of keeping you somewhat informed of your current luggage location, they’re semi-vague (“Your luggage has arrived at your first stop and will be transferred,” For instance).

How to know exactly where it is at all times? Just get smart, like I finally have, and toss an Apple AirTag ( in any and all checked bags.

With an AirTag in action, you can see every movement of your bag in real time. As you walk to a connecting gate, you can actually see your luggage moving on your AirTag as you go along. And should your bag go wayward, you’ll know immediately where it is – a huge help.

A friend on a recent trip had his luggage disappear on a connecting flight and ended up stuck in the Canadian Rockies with no winter gear. Ends up it was sitting in the arrival airport the entire time, lost in a corner. AirTag would have solved that.

They’re easy to use (connect in the Find My part of your Apple device), their batteries last a full year and they’re waterproof. I’ll never travel without them again (and by the way, toss one in your carry on as well, just in case you forget something).

Pad your trip

If you’re going someplace that requires a rock solid arrival day and time (say, a cruise or another adventure that leaves from your flight destination), pad your trip by 24 hours. While it means an additional hotel night, it could also be the difference between making your big trip or not. I look at this as a chance for a mini-destination within a destination.

I’m traveling in late February with an exact arrival need via Vancouver. Rather than get there within a few hours (fingers crossed), I’m arriving a day early and exploring the city. Should I be late from a cancelation, I only miss that, not the start of my important trip. And if I get there on time? An added experience is a good thing.

Dress smart on the plane

In the new era of travel challenges, it’s a good idea to think ahead when you dress for the flight. (Sidenote: remember when flying was glamorous and you dressed up? Times have changed). Think destination, but stopovers too.

If you’re heading from a warm destination to a cold, err on the side of cold. If the opposite, stick with your cold weather clothes but layer or pack one warm weather change of clothing in your carry on. With this, should your luggage be lost or you get stuck someplace, you’ll have both a warm weather and cold weather option. Trust me, the guy I saw in Canada last week stuck in shorts and a T-shirt for days wishes he had.

Don’t assume food and drink on board is a sure thing
While some flights do offer meals for sale (and of course, we’re talking those of us not in first class here), many do not—and sometimes even if they’ve advertised they do, they may just have a small bag of pretzels and some water or – should the flight be a rocky one – not allow flight attendants to serve.

If for some reason you need food and drink on board, bring it yourself to be sure. Carry an empty water bottle through security and then fill it. Make a PB and J at home (but not tuna; no one likes a tuna fish eater on a flight) or purchase a meal at the terminal before boarding. That way, you’re sure to have what you want or need on your flight.

Download the airline AP and join their frequent flyer program
Even if you never use that airline again, the app is almost always your best way to get in touch with customer service (should you need to rebook a flight or have another issue), keep track of flight updates and in some cases, even make purchases on board.

On a recent United Airlines Flight the only option for purchasing things like wifi and snacks was to use the app. Many give discounts for those who have joined as well. Download it and get familiar with it at home before you travel.

Carry on all necessities

Medications, devices, chargers for them and other things you absolutely need should always be carried on (and if you are asked to check a bag gate side, be sure to take those things out of your carry on before they whisk it away. You don’t want to have to spend a day, night or longer without your insulin, other meds or a way to charge your phone.

Don’t let all this planning deter you: Flying still transports you to the places that you dream of visiting. And once you’re there, with smart planning, it all ends well.

Top 20 holiday destinations for Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for loved-up couples, Valentine’s provides the perfect opportunity to spoil someone special and celebrate love with a holiday. Are our Globe Aware volunteers headed to any of the destinations mentioned?

Top 20 holiday destinations for Valentine’s Day 2023

By Kristin Mariano
Jan 25, 2023
Travel Daily

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for loved-up couples, Valentine’s provides the perfect opportunity to spoil someone special and celebrate love with a holiday.

But where are people looking at going this Valentine’s? Looking at average monthly searches across January and February, engagement ring and wedding experts at Queensmith have revealed the most popular holiday destinations to visit with the one you love this Valentine’s Day.

RankKeywordsAverage monthly searches (Jan-Feb)

The 20 most popular Valentines holiday destinations

1 Barcelona

Barcelona is the most popular holiday destination during Valentine’s with a huge 413,50,000 average monthly searches across January and February. Barcelona is a fantastic holiday destination with delicious food, beautiful architecture and a fun atmosphere throughout the city. Barcelona makes the perfect Valentine’s holiday destination with a mix of a city break with a beach holiday. Enjoy a romantic date night sipping sangria and eating tapas on a rooftop in the city and then head to the beach for a frolic in the sea, watching the sunset.

2 Milan

Milan ranked the second most popular holiday destination over the Valentine’s period with 9,140,000 monthly searches. Arguably one of the world’s most stylish cities, Milan is the perfect example of both old and new romance. Beneath the glitz and glamour of the beautiful city, you can find dreamy romantic spots such as a walk along the scenic canals, watching the sunset from the Duomo or heading to the opera.

3 Paris

Widely known as the “city of love”, it’s no surprise Paris is in the top three destinations for Valentine’s Day with 6,800,000 monthly searches. The recent Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ has no doubt added to Paris’ popularity. Paris has plenty of romantic restaurants and bars with picturesque backdrops such as the twinkling lights of the Eiffel tower. With beautiful landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Pyramid, Paris also offers an abundance of romantic proposal opportunities.