What It’s Like Counting Game in Zimbabwe

Today, we catch up with executive director Kimberly Haley-Coleman, who just returned from a Globe Aware trip in Zimbabwe. Kimberly experienced our Game Count program, an amazing opportunity you’ll hear all about during this podcast — a more conversational account about our Zimbabwe program than our previous Zimbabwe podcasts. Kimberly will tell you about her personal memories of the trip, and we hope that you’ll get a more specific image of what to expect if you’re thinking about participating. 0:00 – Kimberly introduces the Game Count Program. 2:24 Kimberly details into safety measures. 7:00 – Some of Kimberly’s favorite experiences with animals. 11:49 – Packing recommendations. 19:58 – What’s the weather like during the game count? 22:53 – Some Kimberly-special stories.


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