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Travel Tip: Alternative Spring (and Summer) Breaks

Volunteering is always a worthwhile way to spend a vacation, but when it comes to students, it often comes down to budget and time.

Every year, I have to give a shout out to the American Hiking Society, which hosts working spring breaks in national and state parks around the country.  The great thing is that it' s totally affordable' about $225 for a hiking membership, food and accommodations or camping for the week.

Globe Aware connects volunteers with programs everywhere from Brazil to Romania. What I like about these guys is that it includes cultural experiences, and there are one-week options' many of the other volunteer vacation providers have two-week minimums.

The Dallas-based Institute for Field Research Expeditions has programs all over the globe. You pay by the week, which includes meals and accommodation, and' perhaps most important' an on-the-ground contact and emergency support.

And there' s Global Volunteers, which not only has international programs, but also has volunteer opportunities right here in the U.S. on Native American reservations. And all because it' s a non-profit, your service fees, airfare and other travel expenses are tax deductible.




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