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Voluntoursim by Dorinda Elliott p. 290-302


Do-Good Specialists

Globe Aware is listed amongst those the writers call  "the global leaders, vetted by voluntourism experts."



n 1: the act or practice of taking a trip or holiday that includes volunteer work usu. Seen as giving a sense of purpose to an otherwise privileged life 2: big, rapidly growing trend spawning a whole new industry of experts and a plethora of tour operators 3: an emerging phenomenon raising such questions as does it benefit the people on the ground or simply make the traveler feel good


voluntour vi 1a: to go on a volunteer vacation b: to travel someplace and work as a volunteer or to add such work onto a holiday c: to travel with a purpose after careful research " see ' 10 East Steps to Do-Good Tripping," page 294 2: to follow a volunteer itinerary, often mapped out by a tour operator' see "Do-Good Specialists," page 299 3: to go on a work-and-play vacation' see "Working Wonders," page 292


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