Top Five Items to Add to your Volunteer Vacation Packing List

Top Five Items to Add to your Volunteer Vacation Packing List

Preparing for your upcoming volunteer vacation shouldn' t be a chore and your luggage need not be so full that it is ripping at the seams! With just a little planning, preparing a vacation packing list for your upcoming volunteer experience will make packing a breeze!

Of course, your specific packing list will ultimately depend on what country you will be visiting, but Catherine McMillan, with Globe Aware, a nonprofit leader in the world of volunteer vacations, names the top five items to add to any Volunteer Vacation Packing List:

1.       Number one essential to add to your packing list, advises McMillan, is a copy of your passport and extra credit/debit cards stored in a different location from your primary ones.  If for whatever reason you lose your wallet you will still have a photocopy of the passport and a back-up way to get your hands on cash. It' s also a good idea to email yourself a copy of these scanned documents in the event you lose access to your luggage.

2.       Your packing list should include a refillable water bottle.  Plastic water bottle waste is becoming a huge issue. Do your part by using your own washable and refillable water bottle.

3.       Does your packing list include sun block? It should! Even in a cold environment or a high altitude location you need protection. Ideally the sun block should be sweat/water resistant.

4.       Umbrellas or rain ponchos are a common item volunteer vacation travelers tend to leave off their packing list. Especially in tropic regions, chances of at least some rain are very high. Don' t dampen your volunteer vacation by getting stuck out in the rain unprotected.

5.       Flash lights are also commonly left off of many volunteer vacationers' packing list.  Flash lights don' t take up a lot of room in your luggage and can really help you out, especially if you are working in a community where electricity might go out. Also, don' t forget some extra batteries!

The above items should be on any volunteer travelers' packing list. To get specifics on other items needed for your particular volunteer vacation location, visit Globe Aware' s website at www. or call 1-877-588-4562.


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