The 5 Safest Countries To Visit In Latin America

Latin America and South America are growing in popularity as vacation destinations. This is particularly true among travelers looking for independent and adventurous travel. Globe Aware volunteers will be delighted to learn we have multiple programs in Costa Rica, a destination mentioned on the list!

These Are The 5 Safest Countries To Visit In Latin America Right Now

August 4, 2023
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Latin America and South America are growing in popularity as vacation destinations. This is particularly true among travelers looking for independent and adventurous travel.

The term Latin America is a loose one, but it is generally agreed that it is a term used to describe South America, Central America, Mexico, and many of the islands of the Caribbean. This is a huge area that includes a huge range of vacation destination options.

A new report from Nomad Capitalist used the Global Peace Index to calculate how safe it is to visit Latin America.

This index is published by the Institute for Economics and Peace and looks at the political stability, social unrest, and levels of violent crime in a country.

There are the 5 safest countries to visit in Latin America right now:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica tops the list as Latin America’s safest country.

As well as being a country of outstanding natural beauty Costa Rica boasts a peaceful political environment.

The government in the country is working hard to curb petty crime. They are also committed to taking measures to protect the environmental biodiversity of the country.

For this reason, Costa Rica is often referred to as paradise on earth. Adventure tourism is incredibly popular here. Visitors here can join organized tours, but it is also a safe country to explore independently.

The U.S. government has currently issued a level 2 travel advisory for Costa Rica due to the risk of crime in the country.


In second place is Uruguay. The country is one of the most politically stable in the region, and its people are renowned for being welcoming to visitors from across the globe.

Its low risk of crime and ease of access means that Uruguay is often recommended as a great first stop for travelers new to exploring Latin America.

Uruguay is known for its beautiful coastline, rich history, and the quality of the beef produced here. It is the second smallest country in South America, but it still packs a punch.

From a political point of view, Uruguay offers its citizens free education, boasts a large middle-class population, and contributes more troops to UN peacekeeping missions than any other nation.

Some areas of the country are safer than others.

The U.S. government advises that crime is most prevalent in the Montevideo, Canelones, and Rivera departments. U.S. citizens should be alert and aware of their surroundings in these locations.


Chile is a country with a difficult past, but the current government is working hard to reduce violent crime and political corruption in the country. That’s why Chile is now considered the third safest country in Latin America.

Tourists are welcome across the country, and the capital city of Santiago is a hub of attractions and amenities for travelers.

Outside of the city, Chile is famous for its stunning natural beauty, which attracts nature and adventure tourists from across the world.

The U.S Government advisory level for Chile is level 2 due to the risk of street crime and demonstrations that periodically happen in the country.


Panama is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan countries in Latin America. It has a large expat community that adds to its diversity.

The government is strong and stable in the country. This plays a significant role in ensuring that travelers feel safe here.

The most popular location for tourists is the capital Panama City. This is a unique city that balances new with old and modern with traditional. Nature travelers will also find a lot to enjoy in Panama.

Panama has a level 2 travel advisory in place from the U.S. government due to the risk of being a victim of crime in the country.


Argentina is the second largest country in South America and the fifth safest country in Latin America.

One of the first things many people think about Argentina is its passion for soccer. But Argentina also offers its visitors a unique blend of modern cities, a traditional way of life, and breathtaking natural beauty. The country is famous for the quality of its food and wine.

The people of Argentina are friendly and welcoming to visitors. However, because street crime can be an occasional risk, you should be wary if you’re approached by strangers, particularly if you’re traveling alone.

Argentina has the lowest level of advisory from the U.S. government. Travelers to this level 1 country are advised to exercise normal precautions in Argentina.


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