Flights from US to Cuba

At the beginning of each month, Cuban airport officials confirm the flight schedules of all companies flying. Globe Aware volunteers looking to still visit Cuba before summer ends can check out these flight options!

Flights from US to Cuba? Here you have all the options for August

August 6, 2023
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At the beginning of each month, Cuban airport officials confirm the flight schedules of all companies flying, as of this month of August 2023. As for the connections from the United States, specifically from Miami to Cuba, for defendants, we leave here the flight schedules.

Havana Airport is the airport on the island with the most connectivity to the United States. American Airlines will continue to operate with eight daily flights from Miami, with seven on Saturdays. While Delta Company has two daily flights from Miami International.

North American JetBlue will also continue operating to Havana, with two daily flights from Fort Lauderdale and one on Saturdays from New York. Similarly, Southwest will continue to operate 3 daily flights from Fort Lauderdale. Plus one daily flight from Tampa (2 flights on Saturdays). Finally, in commercial connections, United has daily flights from Houston, Texas, and daily flights from New Jersey.

Charters to Havana are also numerous. From the United States (Miami, Tampa and Fort Myers) they will be as follows: Monday 7 flights. Tuesday 3 flights. Wednesday 4 flights. Thursday 7 flights. Friday the 11th flight. Saturday 5 flights. Sunday 6 flights.

Flights from the United States to Cuban airports in August
For the rest of Cuba’s airports, there are also many flights from the interior of the country, mostly from Miami, and less often from Tampa, also from South Florida, USA. For example, American Airlines has daily flights to Holguin, Varadero, Camagüey, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. American flies more frequently, with two daily operations, from Santa Clara to “Abel Santamaria”.

Charters from South Florida to these above-mentioned airports abound. They all have this type of connection, under the seal of Havantour and the respective travel agencies based in that country.

How much are these flights from US to Cuba in August? For example, according to Google Travel, with American Airlines, a one-way ticket costs around US$130 to Havana, US$230 to Varadero, US$211 to Santa Clara and US$211,300 to Camagüey.


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