Exploring Your Trip to Nepal with Sikha Naik – Globe Aware Adventures in Service

Listen to this episode from Globe Aware Adventures in Service on Spotify. Globe Aware Administrator and Social Media Manager Sikha Naik speaks about Nepal! 1:23 – Sikha introduces both of our programs. 2:28 – A glance at the accommodations. 3:59 Sikha walks through some things to remember about Nepalese culture and about being in a monastery. 8:54 – Sikha’s packing essentials. 11:00 – Sikha details Nepalese cuisine. 13:06 – Arrival and pickup. 14:10 – Meet Rahul, our program coordinator! 15:29 – A word about electricity and backup batteries. 16:37 – Some leisure activities to look out for in Nepal. 18:42 – Sikha goes a little more in-depth about the monastery program.


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