Eight Reasons To Make Mexico Your First International Vacation

Mexico makes for a perfect first international vacation destination for a number of reasons. Here are some of the best our Globe Aware volunteers can check out!

8 Reasons To Make Mexico Your First International Vacation

April 18, 2022
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Mexico makes for a perfect first international vacation destination for a number of reasons, but there are some of the best.

Many people are unaware of how amazing Mexico can be to visit. It is a country with many destinations, but a good number of people don’t know where to go. One may have heard stories about beaches in Mexico, heritage sites, museums, villages, valleys, and hiking trails and have an interest in visiting.

Due to the great climate of Mexico, one can visit almost any time of the year and there will be a variety of things to enjoy. Here are some of the best reasons why Mexico is practically the perfect vacation destination for first-time international travelers.

8 Enjoy Authentic Mexican Cuisine

One of the things that make Mexico so popular for vacations is the country’s unique and delicious cuisine. Many people know about Mexican tortas and tacos, but there is so much more than that. When visiting the north, one will enjoy the cabrito or carne asada. These are kinds of seafood from Sinaloa. For those visiting the western region, dining in Mayan or Jalisco delicacies will be the ultimate treat for sure. Mayan delicacies are sourced from the Yucatan Peninsula and represent the true western Mexican cuisines.

7 Appreciate Mexican Music

Many travelers have seen and listened to the unique Mexican music in films and on TV. Going on a vacation to the country is a special chance to enjoy authentic Mexican dances and music that is available in both English and Spanish. The traditional music is diverse in many ways, therefore giving visitors more than enough varieties to enjoy. There are popular band groups in almost every town, ready to play their best songs. Having a band of talented Mexican musicians with a variety of guitars is a reason to go to Mexico.

6 Explore Historic Monuments

Mexico is a country with so many monuments, mostly from ancient civilizations. These are impressive monuments showcasing extraordinary architecture and telling the story of the ancient civilizations. Many people do not know that there are ancient pyramids in Mexico. However, they are different from those in Egypt. The pyramids of Teotihuacan are the most popular monuments in Mexico. Visitors will also get a chance to visit several archeological sites and places such as El Tajin, and Chichen Itza.

5 Relax On Beautiful Mexican Beaches

Mexico has some of the best beaches in all of America. Due to the great warm weather of the country, the beaches are a good spot for vacation, especially for someone coming from a cold region. Many beaches are rated first-class, with clean white sands as well as turquoise waters. The list of beaches where one can vacation is long. Some of the most popular include Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, Huatulco, and Mazatlan. Most beaches are also very clean.

4 It’s Affordable To Plan

Mexico is a very affordable country to visit for a vacation when compared to countries in Europe, or areas of Canada or the United States. It all starts with the airlines that operate in Mexico, which offer affordable deals. By traveling during off-peak seasons, when there are few holidays, one gets to spend even less. The country has a moderately good economy and the cost of living is low. Since there are many open markets, bargaining for commodities is easy and allows a person to get affordable products. The government has also provided many free destinations for tourists.

3 You Can Find Great Vacation Packages

Traveling for a vacation in a new country is different from getting a vacation package from a travel company. One does not have to necessarily travel on their own to enjoy Mexico. Private traveling can be expensive. However, several travel companies operate in Mexico and offer vacation packages. These are packages with well-packed itineraries and fun activities. One can get as short as two days’ vacation on Cancun beach. The best way to acquire this is by going through different travel companies in Mexico and identifying suitable packages. Booking early is the best way to get affordable deals.

2 Visiting The Mystical Mayan Ruins Is A Must

The Mystical Mayan ruins are one of the most popular attractions in Mexico. These ancient Mayan artifacts show a great civilization from a bygone age that no longer exists. These ruins are characterized by amazing works of innovation done by people of that time. Many things were built – including majestic temples, agricultural systems, and other advanced infrastructures. A visit to these ruins is reason enough to visit Mexico. One will also get a chance to visit the Chichen Itza ruins, which are equally as impressive.

1 See Its Unique Wildlife In Person

Mexico is also a country with great wildlife. The best part is that the most fascinating animals in the country are unique and only found in Mexico. There are also a few jungles and forests to visit. The ocean also is home to many animals. Visitors will get a chance to sport endangered axolotl and cacomistle, which is a mammal native to Mexico. On the northern side of Mexico, there is a chance to see Mexican prairie dogs, and in the Baja waters, there is vaquita porpoise.


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