Costa Rica: Central America’s Leading Destination

Globe Aware volunteers will be delighted to learn that Costa Rica has this week been crowned the leading destination for travelers in all of Central America for 2022. We offer three unique volunteer vacations in this picturesque country, open all year round!

 Costa Rica Crowned Central America’s Leading Destination

Sept 5 2022
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Costa Rica has this week been crowned the leading destination for travelers in all of Central America for 2022. The picturesque country – famed for its stunning natural landscapes and near unrivaled levels of biodiversity – received the much sought-after accolade from the World Travel Awards this week. In winning the award, Costa Rica beat off stiff competition from the likes of Mexico, Belize and Honduras, whilst also managing to win several other awards in the process.

Whilst it may not have quite the same reputation or global appeal as its regional rival Mexico – or anything near the number of tourists it receives – Costa Rica’s win in this category was extremely well deserved, as those who have been lucky enough to visit the country will attest to. Here’s a look at Costa Rica’s big win, why travelers should make plans to go there plus a look at the other awards that the country managed to scoop this week.

The 29th edition of the World Travel Awards saw the winners for all of the categories announced just this week in what was undoubtedly an exciting time for all in the travel industry. Facing stern competition from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador Costa Rica was voted Mexico & Central America’s Leading Destination 2022. This is the second year in the row that Costa Rica was crowned the best in the region, with previous winners of the award being Belize and Mexico.

Despite being such a small country, Costa Rica certainly packs a punch. The country is remarkably home to a total of 5% of all of the world’s biodiversity, making it a true nature lover’s paradise. Costa Rica’s varied landscapes and geographical features mean that travelers can take in such natural wonders as volcanoes, tropical rainforests, deep lagoons, winding rivers and golden beaches all in the same place – and even all in the same weekend should they wish to do so.

With such a diverse natural landscape, the opportunity for adventure is around every corner. Costa Rica offers outdoor adventures in abundance, leading the country to also be crowned Mexico & Central America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in this year’s awards. Whether it’s surfing at Tamarindo, exploring the country’s well-preserved natural parks or trying your hand at spotting the sloths, crocodiles and jaguars that roam the country, Costa Rica certainly won’t disappoint.


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