Voluntourism – Volunteering on your vacation

Some vacations allow travelers to give back while they’re away. CNN’s Heidi Collins explains.

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"Live Radio Interview with Kimberly Haley-Coleman"
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Helping Needing Children

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Special Edition of OUTPOST Magazine
January/February 2009

p. 68 “Global Travel Guide Top 123”

#89 Romania
Helping Needy Children

Founded at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania by 13th-century Teutonic Knights. Brasov is one of Romania’s largest and most historic cities. The old town is well-preserved, featuring medieval architecture and cobblestone streets.
            Though a recent addition to the European Union, Romania is still recovering from the cruel legacy of former communist head of state Nicolae Ceauşescu. Globe Aware works with local organizations in the villages around Brasov to fight poverty and injustice. Volunteers build homes, improve community centers and work with needy children, particularly in Roma communities. Leisure activities include visits to Brasoc’s historic center, and to medieval fortresses and churches around Transylvania.

GLOBE AWARE [globeaware.org]
PHONE: 877-588-4562
LENGTH/DEPARTS: 1 week with the opportunity to renew up to 3; at least once monthly
ACCOMODATION: Dorm rooms in new community center
PRICE: $1,390 US, plus airfare