Philippines Exempts Fully Vaccinated Foreign Travelers From Quarantine, Eases Restrictions

The Philippines is slowly opening to foreign travel, and is already allowing countries under the Green category or low risk to enter without quarantine. For volunteers interested in this program for 2022, please email us at for more details.

Philippines Exempts Fully Vaccinated Foreign Travelers From Quarantine, Eases Restrictions

Philippines is easing its COVID-19 restrictions in the country. Fully vaccinated foreign travelers coming to the country will not be required to undergo facility based quarantine anymore. International travelers coming to the country from places which are classified as green or low risk will just require a negative Covid-19 test report within 72 hours of their departure.

In a press release by the Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Jamie Morente, some countries and regions that fall under Green category are China, Bhutan, Hungary, New Zealand, North Korea among others. Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Serbia, and Slovenia are the countries from where travelers will have to face a temporary travel ban. Rest all the other countries and regions which are not listed under green category, barring the previous four, had been classified as low risk.

Philippines has also eased restrictions within the country to allow business operations to run more smoothly. The major areas of the country are being opened up now. According to are port published in Bloomberg, Harry Roque, presidential spokesman, in a statement said that Metro Manila — one of the important financial centers of the country — will “shift to a loser Alert 3 from October 16 to 31.”

The city has also allowed many businesses to work on full capacity. Based on previous government orders, public spaces which are indoors like spas, casinos and other indoor tourist attractions are allowed to operate at 30% capacity. Quarantine rules for other cities and regions have also been eased. Apart from foreign travelers, travel restrictions for locals have also been loosened.

With 22% of adults being already fully vaccinated, the country has vaccination drives open for all the adults. The inoculation programme for children will also start from this week.

Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking had placed the Philippines at the last spot out of 53 countries that was published in the last month. The situation has now improved as the country has been reporting cases below 9,000 since past days.


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