International Day of the African Child

International Day of the African Child

UniversalGivingâ„¢, a website that helps people give and volunteer with the top-performing projects all over the world, is recognizing the International Day of the African Child and some of the better projects and volunteer vacation facilitators.

UniversalGiving Celebrates International Day of the African Child

On June 16th, 1976, about ten thousand schoolchildren marched in Soweto, South Africa to protest the poor quality of education they were receiving, as well as to demand the right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of these young children were shot, simply for daring to believe that they deserved better.

The International Day of the African Child (DAC) is a holiday taking place on June 16th that seeks to commemorate the children who died in Soweto, recognize the complex needs of African children, and reaffirm a commitment to protect their rights. This year, the theme of DAC is "25 Years After the Adoption of the African Children”s Charter: Accelerating our Collective Efforts to End Child Marriage in Africa.”

UniversalGiving celebrates DAC to ensure that the needs and rights of African children are protected and respected. Today, many children in Africa are suffering every day from a lack of food, healthcare, education, and other basic human rights.

Celebrate International Day of the African Child by donating to or volunteering with one of UniversalGiving”s top-quality partner organizations committed to bettering the lives of children in Africa. UniversalGiving offers a wide selection of thoroughly vetted, highly trustworthy organizations to choose from. You can rest assured that all of the organizations on our website have been held to the highest standards of quality, transparency, and trust, and 100% of donations made through UniversalGiving go directly to the cause. So go ahead–do your part for these children, and check out one of our Top Projects, Top Gift Packages, or Top Volunteer Opportunities!

Top Projects

Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI). ECI”s partner, HEAL Africa, is a specialized hospital in Goma that has provided healthcare to the population of Eastern Congo since 1994. ECI”s maternal health and child health initiatives have boosted the quality of life for many children of Congo. Recently, heavy fighting outside of Goma has increased the need for health care in Congo; now, more than ever, these children need your help. Your donation of $25 goes to delivering medical supplies to wounded civilians.

Develop Africa. Funding this Develop Africa project will help provide lifesaving serum to patients infected with ebola in Sierra Leone–many of whom are children. A $25 donation to this project will fund the purchase and shipment of one FDA approved machine which will help create the Convalescent Serum. Just $25 could save a life from ebola–too many lives have already been lost.

Top Gift Packages

Develop Africa. Many facilities in African schools have not caught up to the information age, making it difficult for children to receive the training and knowledge they need to succeed in today”s world. Develop Africa is providing computer training to empower African students and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. $50 will sponsor training in basic computer skills and office application for young African students.

World Food Program USA. It is estimated that 66 million students around the world go to school hungry. The World Food Program USA provides essential school meals to children, feeding their bodies so that they can grow their minds. School meals can also provide incentive for families to send their children to school, so these families no longer have to worry about feeding their hungry children during the day. These meals can lift entire communities out of poverty– your $50 gift could save a life and promote education in poverty-ridden communities of Africa.

Top Volunteer Opportunities

Globe Aware. Volunteers with Globe Aware will travel to the Imizamo Yethu township of South Africa, where they will assist in numerous projects including improving pre-school care centers, refurbishing the Community Youth Center, and participating in school sports lessons. Traveling to South Africa and engaging with this unique community is sure to be an incredible and rewarding experience.

The Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN). GVN has many enriching volunteer opportunities in Uganda, where participants will help provide primary and secondary education for needy children. GVN volunteers will be able to provide crucial love, affection, support, and education to orphaned or abandoned Ugandan children who desperately need help. Working with these children is sure to irrevocably change your life for the better–and their lives, too.



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