Growing Demand for International travel to South East Asia soars

International demand for travel to Asia Pacific is rapidly increasing due to a relaxation of border restrictions across the region. Globe Aware offers volunteer programs in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia and the Philippines for interested volunteers.

International demand for travel to South East Asia soars

By Linda Fox
14 February 2022

International demand for travel to Asia Pacific is rapidly increasing according to data from Skyscanner Travel Insight.

The company said the momentum followed the relaxation of border restrictions across the region.

Skyscanner said international bookings in January to destinations including Thailand and Singapore showed signs of pent-up demand.

It added that demand to Australia is also high following the recent border announcement with a 199 per cent increase between 6 February and 7 February. Singapore, meanwhile saw a 19 per cent increase in January compared with December.

Paul Whiteway, senior regional director, Asia Pacific, Skyscanner, said: “The latest border re-opening announcements in Asia Pacific alongside easing of some restrictions at the beginning of the year have resulted in positive travel demand, providing a boost to the industry during a crucial period for seasonal travel.

“Skyscanner’s flight data analysis shows increased international travel bookings to key destinations in the region and strong signs of a sustained momentum.

“The re-opening of Australia’s border to international visitors this week is another huge milestone… our early analysis reveals that many travellers across the globe are already planning their trips for the immediate future.

“Over the coming weeks, we will see markets react to the news, airlines announcing new schedules and building capacity to allow the return of international travel at scale. Travel providers acknowledge that it’s in their best interest to make travel accessible and they will likely continue to offer good value and flexibility in order to meet growing demand and remain competitive. Coupling this with reassurance and further clarity on the latest restrictions and travel requirements, will be the key to maintaining momentum and rebuilding traveller confidence.”


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