Pictures of Luang Prabang, Globe Aware volunteer vacation

Pilar Martinez first went with Globe Aware to Romania, where Globe Aware coordinators were very impressed with her work. At a late age she decided she wanted to do international volunteer work and signed up for the Peace Corps, but was told she was too old.

“I have traveled internationally, lived in China, and now in Australia. My volunteer activities have included rape crisis counseling, awareness efforts for individuals with congenital and genetic disorders, and research on complementary and alternative medicines for chronic diseases,” relates Pilar.

Pilar latest volunteer vacation was to  Luang Prabang, or Louangphrabang, literally: “Royal Buddha Image.” The a city located in north central Laos, where the Nam Khan river meets the Mekong River about 425 kilometers (264 mi) north of Vientiane. It is the capital of Luang Prabang Province. The current population of the city is about 103,000. The Globe Aware program takes place in Luang Prabang, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its charming French-colonial architecture. Monks in saffron robes still stroll to Luang Prabang’s many temples with umbrellas over their shoulder, while longtail boats are guided gently down the Mekong River making deliveries.


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