Volunteer Vacations for Singles

Nicole Vulcan, writing for eHow, recently examined the trend of singles venturing forth on volunteer vacations as a way to give back and meet like-minded people. Nicole suggests that, “for more and more people, trolling the bar scene for a date is a thing of the past. What’s replacing that old mode is a desire to give back and to meet people with the same ideals.”

Nicole found that while there is a “booming volunteer vacation” business, several companies, including Globe Aware, cater to the single demographic:

While most volunteer vacations welcome the solo traveler, a few of them make a conscious effort to cater to singles, and to plan activities and excursions specifically for that demographic. Several of these organizations are based in the southeast United States, or cater to people in that region.

Globe Aware
This large service organization is based in Texas, but plans volunteer vacations for singles and groups outside the United States. The organization plans dozens of volunteer vacations a year which they boast as being great for singles. The volunteer vacations are typically for one week, or longer if you so desire.

Globe Aware
6500 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 104
Dallas, Texas 75214-2497


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  2. I think that volunteering abroad is almost better if you are single because it really forces you to: (1) get out of your comfort zone; (2) meet new people and experience a new culture; (3) grow and become more caring as a person (“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” so to speak). I’ve been meaning to volunteer abroad in Ecuador or perhaps Malawi for a while and I think it’s time to do it!

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