My volunteer vacation: Almost live from Peru!

Sept. 14, 2010

Last day en Lima…and Lima is stinky, in many ways:  1)  smog, 2) concrete and cars, 3) smelly people, 4) BOOTY GRABBERS!!  I got goosed.  I swear, have these people NEVER seen a blonde before??  I was so over Lima after wandering for 3 hours that I hopped back into the (expensive) cab and I´m waiting out the rest of my time at the airport.  Take me back to Tequila and Cusco immediately, please!  The air is purer, the cabs are only 3 soles, and the people smile.

As soon as I hopped off the plane this morning a taxi driver quoted me $70 soles to Miraflores.  WHAT?  Heck no.  I may look 12-yrs-old and innocent, but beware: I will rip your head off if you try to take advantage of me.  Old man learned his lesson, I think.  Finally I found a cab, who said `eh` when I asked him about sights for tourists in Lima.  I should have known then instead of wasting my time and money.  Regardless, I got a few pictures, saw the center garden, got goosed, then jumped inside a hotel and asked them to call a safe cab for me.  Not the way I expected my 12 hours in Lima to go, but there you have it.  At least this driver drove me through San Miguel which has a pretty coastline, but I´d never be able to get over the smog and nastiness, regardless of how blue the water looks.  I¨ll give it to Lima for having lots of vet clinics, but that´s all the kudos this city gets from moi.

So, while Lima gets a big poop sandwich, I`m looking through all of my pictures and planning my next trip.  Now that I know friends who live on the West, East, and South of Australia, that sounds like a feasible, free accommodation exploration.  We shall see.  There´s not a Globe Aware project there, but you know what´s nearby-ish….Thailand.  I´m thinking large, more than 2 weeks, exploration.  Don´t ask me to go to dinner, don´t invite me shopping, don`t assume Ill drive if we make plans….all my dimes are going in the travel jar.  “Kate` now equal`s `frugal for travel.`

My last night was a good one, spent with new friends over dinner and drinks, learning more about them, loving them and wanting more time with them, making travel plans, acting silly, and being VERY careful about what I drank.  I nursed a beer for about 2 hours.  Color me `learned` on the altitude and alcohol combo.  I got about 2 hours of sleep and hit the plane around 5am this AM, so I´m off to find a couch and pretend Lima never happened.

Back to boring old Texas.  Until I email journal again (already counting the days until I´m exploring and Globe Awaring again)…

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