My volunteer vacation: Almost live from Peru!

Sept. 12, 2010

  • I´m finally online for more than 15 minutes.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to actually read my emails and think a little more clearly when sending these updates!
  • My last thought on Globe Aware and my volunteer experience:  amazing.  sign up.  do it.  there´s no better way to explore and learn and feel productive and like you´re making a dent in the world.  the other volunteers and i have promised each other to do this again together sometime in the future.
  • Yesterday morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed after our celebration Friday night.  The bar Rocio took us to had a live band that was SO incredible.  Harmony and windpipes = good time.  Too good of a time for all of us, though the hangovers and dehydration did not stop us from hiking up to Tipon to check out the Incan hydrolics.  Maybe a bad decision considering how thirsty we were and how much water we could not drink.  While Meaghan and Dave chilled out on the lawn (lawn?  large patch of grass in the middle of Incan structures), I went up the hill which turned into a mountain.  By the time I realized how high up I was headed, I had my mind set on making it to the top.  This was an awesomely bad decision.  I didn´t think Meaghan and Dave would follow me, but they showed up about half an hour behind me, cursing me the whole way.  But, a big ÿou´re welcome¨to them because it turns out there was a whole little Incan town at the top of that moutnain that we would have never discovered.
  • Our goodbyes after that were too fast.  Dave and Rocio headed to the airport, so we hugged quickly and peaced out in our taxis.  Meaghan and I headed to our hostel for the night.  I didn´t get to say goodbye to Rocio which makes me want to cry, so later that eveing after lunch at Plaza de Armas, we ehaded back to the albergue to see her.  Estracie opened the door with a huge gasp and it was the sweetest thing on earth.  We got to give Christopher, my favorite little man ever, anotehr big hug goodbye. Rocio was out so I still missed her, but I was able to leave her a note.  Again…everyone should have a Rocio in their life.  sigh sigh.
  • This morning I had a quick breakfast with Meaghan and hopped on my 10hr bus ride to Puno.  We had 5 awesome stops along the way in different cities (many photos to come) and I met a great Italian family and a  super cool Australian couple.  The couple is on a 6 week adventure all over Peru.  6 weeks?  Color me jelly.  I´m trying to figure out a way to come live down here for a good amount of time.  Would.  Be. Perfect.Stopped here in Puno for the night at the most adorable hotel ever.  AND, I have a REAL BATHROOM to MYSELF!  WITH WATER PRESSURE!  I can get my WHOLE head wet tonight, 3 cheers, hip hip hooray, cheerio, pip pip!
  • So, I just got back from wandering around and eating dinner.  I got a few stares…I think my size and hair color throws people off when they see me wandering and eating alone.  But I SAY NO to hagglers.  I¨m a total pro at ¨No dinero, lo siento, gracias.¨
  • I¨m off to take a full on bath and hit the hay early.  No update tomorrow as I¨ll be staying the night with a family on Amantani, eating some delicious home cooked meals (dudes, I have really NEVER eaten so well than this past week).  They´re even having a party for me!  So excited.

hot showers and clean hair –



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