My volunteer vacation: Almost live from Peru!

Sept. 11, 2010

  • it finally happened. after 27 years and 45ish days, i got sick after drinks.
  • i´m blaming the altitude and a drink called the green devil. that little devil. in other news, yesterday was fairly hardcore. we mixed cement and concrete with shovels on the ground. and we shoveled dirt. and planted poles for the greenhouse. we are all awesomely sunburned with farmers tans.
  • Maeghan and i actually took a nap afterward, which is big news for me since i´m not a big sleeper. it was soooo good. i fell asleep with my sunglasses on. kate rocks. we had some free time yesterday to run to the store and get some goodies for Rocio and the kids. all i can say is that Jenga is the greatest gift of all. we´re all headed off today. Marie actually left yesterday, Dave leaves this afternoon, and Meaghan and i are spending the day together before we go off on our own. she´ll be heading to hike the Incan trail to Machupiccu, and i´m off to Puno to see Lake Titicaca for the next week.
  • I´m not sure how many updates i´ll be able to send after this once i´m traveling again, so here are my final thought, Jerry Springer style: there´s no better way to travel than to immerse yourself in the culture. even if it means puking on your friends jeans in the taxi. juuust kidding. i learned this in africa, my only other 3rd orld-ish experience and i don’t know if it´s possible for me to travel any other way. really, this has been amazing.
  • the hard work combined with the sight seeing combined with the culture and the one will understand even if i tried to fully describe it. Meaghan has this philosophy of ¨Live NOW.¨ i started adopting this a few years ago (hey dog business), but she takes to such an inspiring level. she makes every day count and has no excuses for living the way she wants.
  • i´m coming home next week with a new sense of life as an adventure. Dave has a way of absorbing experiences. camera? journal? who needs it when you´re in it? he has a quiet wit and cleverness and a way of showing us how to go with the flow and enjoy the experience for yourself and no one else. i´m not sure he realizes this message he´s sending, which makes him all the more special. the kid´s got a bright future. Marie has so mush enthusiasm and a way of looking at every experience like a child for the first time. her innocence is refreshing and exciting. she made this fun for all of us. And Rocio. it´s such a shame that the whole world doesn´t know her. she´s dedicated to making a difference and living her life for others. she´s a mom, a teacher, and tour guide, a boss, a hard labor worker….and not an ounce of anything she does is to benefit herself. she is making a difference, and if i can be a quarter of the amazing person that she is, i´d be a lucky girl.
  • i cant believe i have to say goodbye to this experience today. it went way too fast and i´ll ever forget. i still have a weeklong adventure on my own, and at this moment it´s hard to imagine experiencing it without these people. the kids have inspired me, the culture and traditions are heartwarming, and i´ll be back. i think Peru deserves a few more weeks and months to explore. off to Tipon for a few hours, adios. we are all lucky people, never forget that.



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