Category: Volunteer Vacations in Laos
A day out of my volunteer vacation in Laos

We returned to the south school this morning to drop off small gifts and English books to the children. They quickly assembled in the classroom and were talking and giggling before we arrived. The moment we entered the room and greeted them with “Sabaii dee” (Good Morning), they all stood up as if at attention and put their hands together in prayer pose. The faces of the children lit up when we gave them gifts and we taught them to sing “Happy Birthday”. Their smiles were precious and I was having a hard time keeping my composure as I noticed their uniforms were torn in multiple places and brown with dirt. I wondered when the last time was that any of their pants or shirts had been washed. I wondered when any of the children had bathed last. Their arms and faces were dirty with dust and their fingernails black with dirt underneath.

What was being used as a classroom was pitiful. No lights, no fans to circulate air – This was because there was no electricity. The doors, tables, and benches made of wood were so old they would probably crumble or break if someone kicked them. Despite these poor conditions the children were in good spirits.

Kay Chitale