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Get karma-ized on a Globe Aware trip

costa-rica-volunteer-vacationI just got back from a two-hour bike ride where I had time to reflect on our Globe Aware Costa Rica trip we finished yesterday.

The short version is, “WOW, WOW, WOW“!

The 13 kids we brought had the time of their lives. Patti and I weren’t sure if the kids were going to “get it”…but our highest hopes for the trip were totally blown away. I wish you could have been sitting there at the “Last Supper” with the village-it was so emotionally charged that I started crying twice today, just telling friends about it..almost 72 hours removed!

Betsy, our scholarship participant stole the show. She is so incredibly outgoing and fun-Patti and I were very fortunate to just watch her and the other students interact with the village. I was also extremely proud of my two daughters and their Spanish speaking abilities-all the kids were fantastic!

It was so incredible to see Jen again. She is one of my favorite people in the world and she was a tour de force with the students.

We finally have our beautiful house sign (thanks to Jen) and it should be up on our house within a week. I’ll try to get some pictures of it and of course pictures of the trip to you soon.

I thought of a couple Globe Aware soundbites while riding my bike this afternoon:

Got karma? On your next vacation get karma-ized on a Globe Aware trip. Our recent Costa Rica Globe Aware life experience vacation was pure sweetness!

I thought I signed up for a vacation, but I got a Grow-cation! Globe Aware‘s volunteer vacation can be a life-changer…are you ready to grow?

Thanks for all the help!!


Globe Aware planting volunteer vacation seeds in Costa Rica

I really love to work in Costa Rica’s San Pedro community – even if sometimes people, such as the mayor, are jealous of our accomplishments.

My motivation is the children and the results are wonderful. Children and teenagers help motivate the community to promote different projects between Globe Aware and the community.

Everything is fine. Our projects are productive and are working very well. Our green house is producing seeds. The classmates are taking the seeds home and planting them in their fields.

They are planting a wide variety of vegetables, including broccoli, parsley, spinach, carrots, beets and scallions which are really important for a healthy diet.

This is just a small example of the great work Globe Aware‘s volunteer vacationers perform.

Melina Mayda Manjarres Llanos

From: Melina Mayda Manjarres Llanos <>
Date: 19/04/2010 12:27
Subject: Re: Globe Aware Feedback – 04-05-10 – Hawk & Corell
To: Brandolon <>

I really love to work for San Pedro community even sometimes there are some people as the mayor who is really jealous of our work there. My motivation is the children and the results of them are wonderful. Children and teenagers help to motivate the community to make different projects between Globeaware and the community.

Everything is fine. Especially our productive projects are working so well. Our green house is producing seeds so the classmates are taking them at home and trying to plant on their fields. The vegetables they are planting are different ones as broccoli, parsley, spinach, carrots, beets, scallions and others that are really important for their diet. It´s just an example.

Going to Cambodia in July 2010

Honestly, a huge part of me wanting to take part in Globe Aware is the travel aspect. I have always loved to travel and I love experiencing new cultures. But, after traveling to Costa Rica with Globe Aware, my views on travel changed a bit. I can’t begin to say how much I annoyed my mom by telling her that I was done traveling to luxury hotels (she likes that) and sitting on the beach! Yes, that’s nice, but, it’s fantastic to do something real with a vacation.

It’s the most amazing experience in the world to go to a different country, see what it’s like beyond the tourist aspect, and help people there.

Kimmy Trauner
past Costa Rica volunteer
going to Cambodia in July 2010

2010 World Cup expected to drive volunteer vacation popularity

South Africa’s travel sector expects this year’s FIFA World Cup will bring an estimated 500,000 soccer fans and tourists into the country with many visitors extending their stay with visits to different cities and safaris adventures.

The hope is that South Africa will capitalize on this enormous influx of visitors, and encourage them to give something back to the communities they visit. Rhino Africa, a South African-based company that specializes in South and East Africa safari travel to destinations such as South Africa’s Kruger National Park, will also be promoting the voluntourism concept to its thousands of clients this year.

Rhino Africa will run its Challenge4ACause initiative for the second time this year, where adventure tourists will pay R15, 000 to take part in a cycle ride through Namibia. Each cyclist is also expected to raise a minimum of R15, 000 in sponsorship, which is donated to Save the Rhino Trust.
Rhino Africa notes that voluntourism has the potential of helping Africa greatly and those travellers who offered the opportunity, are enthusiastic to support a deserving cause.

“It’s important to get our hands dirty and I see voluntourism and responsible travel as the future of tourism to Africa,” said Anton de Wit, Reservations Head of Rhino Africa. “It will appeal to the CEOs of companies, to travelers who have been to Africa before and were captivated by its magic, and to older travelers at the stage of life where they feel the need to give back and are in a financial position to do so.”

Globe Aware has been working with communities in Africa for years, helping develop village infrastructure, educational projects and many other worthwhile causes, including the building of school blocks for kindergartners, instruction, or improvement of washrooms and facilities that the children use in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region, in southeast Ghana, near Mount Adaklu.

Globe Aware volunteer vacationers have also helped with the construction of wells, water systems, libraries and Internet training centers.

Globe Aware is particularly proud of being involved in Orphanage Home Support Projects in Ghana. These projects entail volunteers working to improve the facilities at a local orphanage. Efforts in Ghana have a great deal of support in the local communities, and volunteers will be cherished and appreciated as they help the people of Ho, and of Ghana, on projects that are important to them, and learn to see and experience their culture in a way that few rarely ever do.

Globe Aware

Volunteer vacations – Want To Know More?

With the growth of volunteer vacations there has been a growing demand for information on the many projects and destinations around the world. There are now a growing number of titles being published by leading houses providing excellent guides fo volunteer vacation veterans and novices alike. Some of the more recent titles include:

Frommer’s 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference, by Andrew Mersmann (480 pages; Wiley; $23.99)

Your heart and hands are ready to take the voluntourism plunge, but just how does one dig in? Frommer’s 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference, published in October 2009, is a handy and reliable compendium of trips for people who “want to change the world and be changed.” The book covers a wide scope of volunteer-related trips.

The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life, by Pam Grout (287 pages; National Geographic; $22.95)

This volume, also published in 2009, divides the world into six regions. You can decide where you want to go and then see what volunteer opportunities are available. Choices range from the fun, but safe — creating historic costumes for a playhouse in Kentucky — to the more exotic, such as compiling data on endangered elephants in Sri Lanka or helping to staff remote medical clinics in Ethiopia, Niger and Mali.

Globe Aware is involved in projects around the world. For more information, simply visit Globe Aware’s website.

Globe Aware